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Commision info

I do both SFW and NSFW 

prices can vary so if you want an exact price please contact me for a quote. 


prices USD

> full body $70 Headshot $30

> additional characters 40$
(some complicated objects like bikes
will count as a character)

> backgrounds $20-40

>price might vary if
the characters are really complicated 

>no set price for comics

>price might vary if you would like to get an exact price please contact me for a quote 

Untitled-Artwork (1).png
Untitled-Artwork 2.png
Untitled-Artwork 1.png

will not draw

> no ship art of tv/movie characters 

> no NSFW art of characters who are under 18
(E.g. Loud house, steven universe)

> No excessive gore


Untitled-Artwork 3.png
Untitled-Artwork 4.png

Some of the stuff I've worked on.
I've done

banners (YT/Twitter)

character stills 

character Ref sheets

comic/fanfic covers

body pillow 


Untitled-Artwork (3).png
Untitled-Artwork (1).png
Untitled-Artwork (2).png
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